Ball screw pair is to convert rotary motion to linear motion, or convert linear motion into rotary motion of the ideal product.Ball screw pair by screw, nut, reverse gear and ball bearing, ball screw pair is the function of rotary motion into linear motion, or convert torque into axial force repeatedly, at the same time combines the characteristics of high accuracy, reversibility and high efficiency. Ball screw pair with high accuracy, reversibility and high efficiency etc., this is the further extension and development of the trapezoidal screw, the significance of the development is the trapezoidal screw sliding action into a rolling action.Because of the very small friction resistance, ball screw bearing is widely used in all kinds of industrial equipment and precision instruments. Ball screw pair in order to adapt to a variety of purposes, provides a standardized a wide variety of products.The ball circulation way of circular tube type, circulator, end cover.Preloading method with positioning preloading (double nut method, preloading method), constant pressure preloading.Choose the proper type according to the purpose.Screw with high precision grinding processing precision ball screw (accuracy is divided into 7 grade from CO - C10) and after high precision cold rolling forming of the cold rolled ball screw bearing (accuracy is divided into from C - 3 levels of C10, only a few can do it).In addition, to meet users are in urgent need of delivery, and has been carried out on the shaft end processing of finished product, freely on shaft end after processing of semi-finished products and cold rolled ball screw bearing.As the surrounding parts of the bearing, in the use of necessary screw support unit, nut bearing, lock nut and so on also has been standardized, for the user to choose to use. Ball screw pair based on the accumulated over the years products technology, from material, hot outside, the manufacture, inspection and shipment, are based on the rigorous quality assurance system to manage, therefore has a high reliability. (1) double push a free way?The screw end fixed end free.The fixed end bearing under axial force and radial force at the same time.This way of bearing used for small short screw. (2) double push a supporting way?Screw at one end is fixed at the other end bearing.The fixed end bearing under the axial force and radial force at the same time?Bearing end bearing only bear radial force?And can trace the axial float can avoid or reduce the screw by gravity bending.At the same time, screw elongation thermal deformation can freely to the end.

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