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Scotseal X-Treme يؤذ أداء ختم العجلة إلى مستوى

Scotseal X-Treme يؤذ أداء ختم العجلة إلى مستوى



A new wheel-end seal for trucks and trailers, Scotseal X-Treme (fig. 1), currently well accepted on the American continent, has been developed to dramatically increase seal or product life and vehicle uptime and reduce any costs associated with vehicle downtime. 


for many industrial countries, commercial truck fleets are the lifeblood of the nation, operating non-stop to supply the essentials of today’s sophisticated economies. With the increasing need to work 24/7 throughout the year comes the requirement of trouble-free operation of these trucks between scheduled service routines.

The new seal design

The new seal design was influenced by several practical requirements dictated by the truck industry, namely:

increased safety through shorter truck stopping distances,

lower emissions and higher fuel economy,

reduced operational costs through increased uptime or longer service intervals, and

longer warranty terms.

This translates into improved high-temperature operation and lower friction, combined with reliability and durability.

The superior sealing performance comes thanks to the WAVE lip technology  that has been used in other sealing solutions. The protective casing helps ensure damage-free handling and installation. The outstanding mileage capability helps to obtain

  • higher robustness to accommodate today’s operating temperatures

  • reduced friction for improved

  • rolling efficiency

  • improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

The seal design with WAVE lip technology is available in various dimensions for truck, bus and trailer wheel-ends for driven and non-driven axles.

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